Shopping centers and malls are jammed this holiday season Holiday shopping can be an exciting experience for the entire family. Whether it’s the chance for the little ones to visit Santa’s workshop or doing the often last minute shopping, seems like all drivers are in hurry and thousands of parking lot mishaps occur that cost drivers millions of dollars year after year. Parking lot safety is especially important during the holidays. Drivers should be particularly cautious about where they park because parking lots are also subject to thieves, pickpockets, carjackers and vandals.

Surprisingly, many parking-lot mishaps do not involve two drivers —but rather the result of improper backing into parked vehicles. That increases the likelihood of hit-and-run incidents and the chance that you will be stuck with the bill for repairing the damages. Simple caution is the only real cure to avoid being a victim of parking lot accidents or crime but to make sure you enjoy the holiday season while staying safe, Capital Insurance Service has some advice on how to prepare for a holiday shopping trip and avoid parking lot accidents.

Some Helpful Tips for Parking Lot Mishaps 

  • Start shopping earlier in the season. This helps you avoid the last-minute rush, when many holiday accidents occur. Also consider shopping online, so you can spend your time going to festive events, rather than the mall. An added bonus is that many stores offer free shipping around the holidays, so save the stress and fuel and order from home.
  • Beware of Thieves. Put all shopping bags in your trunk. Do not keep them in the front or back seat where they are visible to thieves and make sure to do before you leave one shopping mall to the other so others don’t see you placing stuff in trunk and than going into mall for long period of time.
  • Find more walkable shopping areas. Seek out shopping areas where you can park your car and walk to various shops. Doing this allows you to get more shopping done in a single trip compared to driving from shop to shop and also reduces the number of times you have to look for a parking spot.
  • Be Aware for those who aren’t. When backing out of a parking spot, be aware of waiting cars, others who are backing out at the same time and motorists who speed through lanes.
  • At the Post Office. Beware when mailing those holiday greeting cards/gift packages. Post office parking lots have the highest incidence of accidents due to frequent customer turnover.
  • Park in well-lit areas. If the lot is inadequately lit, complain to management. Retailers and parking-lot owners can be and have been held liable for personal injury in these cases.

Protecting your vehicle can be as easy as parking it a little further in the parking lot, away from the holiday shopping madness but ONLY during the day or well-lit areas.

Capital Insurance Service believes staying safe on the road is important whether it’s the holiday season or any other time of the year. See how much you could be saving by switching to Capital Insurance Service, Get a Free Quote Today!