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Christmas time is finally upon us! Christmas might get a little hectic at times so it’s good to balance your life out with a couple life hacks. Holidays make people a little cranky, so always remember to spread kindness everywhere you go. Whether it’s at school, work or even at the grocery store be patient with people and spread the holiday cheer!

  1. Buy stamps, cards, and wrapping supplies.
  2. Start gift wrapping early! At least get a head start..
  3. Send out your holiday cards on time!
  4. Plan a “secret Santa” or other gift swap with friends to limit your total number of purchases.
  5. Retire your old address book and all its scribbled-out phone numbers.
  6. Keep last minute gifts handy! You will most likely need them..
  7.  Take inventory of liquor-cabinet staples, including tonic water and other mixers, and restock those that are running low. Also chill a few bottles of Champagne, as the best holiday fetes are often spontaneous. But always do this right before the holiday parties!
  8. Fly lightly.. When traveling for the holidays, lighten your load by purchasing gift cards rather than bulky presents.
  9. Always, always remember to unwind during the merry mayhem of cocktail parties and shopping-mall jaunts, it’s important to enjoy some peace and quiet every so often.
  10. Draw Up a Budget and a Gift List Before You Shop..
  11. Do not forget that at this point in December all the stores are full of people and that the parking spots are also limited.
  12. Keep in mind that car accidents are very prone to happen during the holiday seasons due to high stress and people are usually always under pressure.

Traveling to any mall or shopping center and you’re likely to find chaos and crowds of people trying to find just the right thing to go under the tree. During this time of you, frequency of parking lot accidents goes up by about 20 percent, according to the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers Association. To avoid parking lot fender-benders, follow these quick tips!

Check it twice!  Use your eyes and mirrors—and ask your passengers to help, too—to make sure your path is clear before you back out of a parking space. GO SLOW.

Take it slow! Driving slow around parking lots makes it easier to avoid cars that are speeding, cutting across the lot or pulling out of parking spaces. This also helps you avoid pedestrians and their bags of presents!

Walkin’ in a Winter Wonderland. Don’t hesitate farther from store entrances, where it’s generally less crowded. Less traffic around your vehicle means a lower chance of dings and scratches from other car doors or runaway shopping carts.

If you’re involved in a parking lot accident, file a police report and notify your insurer immediately, even if the accident appears to be minor. This way, you’re protected in case the other party doesn’t have insurance or files a claim.

If you’ve hit a parked car or other property, and can’t find the owner, attach a note with your name and contact information to it, and be sure to notify your insurer.

If you happen to have any questions about your insurance policies make sure to give Capital Insurance Service, formerly Capital Insurance Service, a call and we are more than happy to help you out!