Okay, so you got a DUI. In a state like Nevada, with its glitzy night life and 24 hour casinos, it’s easy for anyone to get carried away. With resulting fines to pay, legal fees to fend off, and court dues to deal with, the very last thing you need to be concerned about is losing your auto insurance.

Before you panic, remember that obtaining auto insurance with a major violation such as a DUI is possible, but will most likely be more expensive. Be sure to shop around with multiple carriers. There are several insurance companies out there that specialize in providing coverage for so-called “high risk” drivers, such as those with DUIs and drivers with less-than-stellar driving records. (Insider tip: Capital Insurance Service is proud to work with over 20 insurance providers, including those who insure high risk drivers)

In addition to a higher premium, you may need to obtain an SR-22 in order to reinstate your driving privileges, a document often required for high risk drivers in the State of Nevada. An SR-22 simply proves that you have at least the minimum liability insurance require by state law. You will need to maintain your SR-22 and the corresponding liability coverage for three years. Failure to maintain your insurance coverage will result in the suspension of your license. (Insider tip: Capital Insurance Service specializes in SR-22 filings. You have enough to deal with, so let us help you out!)

One lapse in judgement isn’t enough to ruin your driving record. So don’t despair! Let us help you find an affordable policy no matter your record. We will do everything we can to find you the best coverage at the best prices!