Taking care of your car is important all year round. Even more so as temperatures rise. The heat has a tendency to make common car problems worse. Pay attention to these areas where high temperatures can cause the most damage.

  • Car Battery: Battery issues are very common during the warm summer months. Heat makes the fluid and acid within the battery expand and evaporate which can inhibit proper conduction. Make sure to get your battery tested and to keep the top of the battery clean of dirt and crime to ensure proper conduction.
  • Tires:  Drive down any highway during summer and you’re sure to notice the remains of many blown-out tires. The reason? The heat raises the pressure in tires. Mix increased pressure with worn tread and you have a recipe for a blowout. Check your tire pressure often and replace balding tires.
  • Cooling System: Cars work harder in the heat. Having low coolant can spell trouble for an already overworked engine. Check coolant levels often and be sure to replace worn hoses and belts, as those expand in the heat, too!

Take a few extra minutes to do these basic car maintenance tasks and save yourself from a summer related auto disaster!