Assess whether  your current Insurance Policy fits your current life


Just like filing your taxes, an Insurance “Check-up” is an annual item on your to-do list that can’t be skipped. After all, there’s nothing like thinking that you’re fully covered and then finding out you’re not when a claim occurs.

Remember, your insurance policies should reflect the life you have now – not the life you had when you first signed up with your carrier. So, keep your Insurance policies up to date and keep your annual appointment with your insurance agent a priority.


Helpful Tips for Your Annual Insurance Review


Everyone gets busy with daily life – family, jobs, kids, school, travel, and the list goes on. Before you know it, a year or more has slipped by without you giving your insurance coverage a second thought.

You pay your premiums and phone your carrier when an accident or other need arises. Otherwise, you assume all is well with your policies. But, what if it’s not what if you get a flat tire but do not have Roadside Assistance but could have sworn you did?

Even if you adjust your coverage as some of these changes occur, you’ll likely only catch others if you catch up with your insurance agent once a year – or more often. When you do, here are some key highlights you should be prepared to address:

Homeowners/Renters Policy

Have you added anything new around the home or simply update it? Did you remodel for the upcoming new baby? Or because the youngest is off to College? How about a new pool? Or finished basement? All these examples increase the value of your home and how much it would cost to rebuild it and is the exact reason why you should update your insurance coverage to reflect the changes.

Auto Insurance Policy

What has changed with my vehicles or drivers? Are you driving a less distance to your new job? Is the vehicle previously used for commuting now mostly sits in the garage? Do you truly understand the coverage’s you currently have? It’s a good idea to re visit  your auto insurance coverage at least once a year to ensure you have the exact coverage you want but most of all so you understand it.

What Is New With the Family
Did someone meet the boy of her dreams and move out and you have forgotten to remove from your  auto policy? Or maybe a relative staying a while and operating the vehicles? These are things to  discuss with your independent insurance agent, too.

New Discounts that now apply
Did you finally get around to getting a bank account? Most companies offer discounts for automatic payments. Doing things such as adding a burglar alarm to your home or driving your car less may help you gain discounts you didn’t qualify for when you first purchased your policy. So, if you like to save money on your insurance as much as the rest of us, an in-depth annual discussion of recent changes in your life and around your home is a must.
New Coverage Options
More than likely, your carrier offers some coverage options that might just be a good fit for you now, even if they weren’t when you first purchased your policies. Examples can include roadside assistance for cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles. You may want to add stereo coverage for the new system you put in your car or appliance coverage following a kitchen remodel. Your agent, of course, can help you explore these options and select what fits.

Some questions you might consider before your annual insurance review:

  • Do I need any specialized disaster coverage, such as flood insurance or earthquake insurance, that I don’t already have? But most of all am I in any of the danger zones?
  • Can I afford to raise my deductibles, to help my insurance costs?
  • Am I carrying high enough liability limits to protect myself and home?
  • What is an Umbrella Policy and is it right for me?