At Capital Insurance Service we offer year-round income tax preparation services and free notary public service for all clients.

We all know filing our income tax returns is a time-consuming process. Let our income tax professionals do it for you! Our trained qualified tax preparers are onsite year round to give you the attention you need and deserve.

Feel free to contact us! We’d love to help you with your income tax preparation! Call us or stop by any of our convenient locations in Reno or Carson City today!


NotaryNeed a notary public in Nevada? The professionals at Capital Insurance Service can help with that, too! We offer a FREE notary service to all Capital Insurance Clients.

Why do I need a public notary?
You may need a professional to notarize the title of your car or the deed to your property.

What is a public notary?
A public notary is a government agent who has sworn an oath to verify important documents. With the notary’s stamp or seal of approval, the document is certified and it may then serve as a legal acknowledgment in a court of law. Important financial documents, like loans, are often notarized for this reason.

At Capital Insurance Service you will receive additional services that you will not receive from other insurance agencies. If you are looking for the very best insurance agency to do business with in Nevada or California, look no further, the professionals at Capital Insurance Service are here to serve you.

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