If there’s anything that’s a constant drag, it’s gas prices. Remember those days before gas was $3 and up? It seems that affordable gas prices have gone the way of VCR’s, boy bands, and Twinkies. Don’t despair! We have useful, easy tips to keep your gas gauge away from the dreaded “E” longer!

  • No Idling! Many people don’t realize just how wasteful idling can be. Allowing your car to idle for 2 minutes wastes as much gas driving a mile. While that might not seem like much, it really begins to add up. So if you plan on idling for more than 30 seconds, kill the engine.
  • Sunday Driving..All Week Long: Leave the house 5 minutes earlier, and watch your tank remain full! Many of the tricks you use to get to work earlier-fast accelerating, going 5 miles faster than the speed limit, or hard braking really cut down your car’s fuel efficiency. So give yourself a little more time to get to where you are going!
  • Don’t Drive 65: If you can manage, keep speeds on the highway close to 60mph. According to fuel efficiency experts, for every 5mph you drive above 60mph, its the equivalent of paying $0.20 more per gallon.  Use cruise control whenever possible.