What a better way to show your RENO pride than by getting a City of Reno license plate today and get *FREE FRIDAY PARKING in City of Reno metered spaces for any vehicle displaying the Reno plate!

The City of Reno is offering those who buy the license plate an annual Parks, Recreation, and Community Services pass (an adult pass is valued at $360). To obtain the annual pass, just bring your DMV paperwork showing you purchased the special plate to Evelyn Mount Northeast Community Center, located at 1301 Valley Road in Reno. If you bought the plate any time in 2016, you are eligible for the free annual pass, which grants citizens access to the Evelyn Mount Northeast Community Center and all City of Reno pools! This organization was approved during the 2007 Legislative Session, the City of Reno received legislative support through Assembly Bill No. 297, sponsored by then-Assemblyman Bobzien, to request a specialty license plate for the support and enhancement of parks, recreation, facilities, and programs in the City of Reno.

Cost of a City of Reno Plate

  • Initial fee: $62 for standard plate / $97 for personalized plate
  • Annual fee: $30 for standard plate / $50 for personalized plate

By purchasing these license plates our community will benefit in many great ways! Such as:

  • Re-plastering of City pools – adding years to the life-span
  • Replacement of community playground or neighborhood park playgrounds
  • Reconstruct 1-2 miles of paved trails

Each license plate would provide $20 ($25 in the first year) that would go directly to Parks and Recreation programs offered throughout the City of Reno. We need your help though. A minimum of 1,000 people to purchase a City of Reno license plate before December 31, 2016 in order to get that funding.

The breakdown of the funds to the City of Reno is:

1,000 license plates  = $25,000

10,000 license plates = $250,000


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