The offices of Capital Insurance Service will have Tax Services available for this upcoming tax season! Both in Reno and Carson City – you will get the opportunity to file taxes with us! If you are our client already and you come into our office you will be able to receive a $20 OFF coupon (Redeemed with accepted tax return). Starting the month of January that is when most people start receiving their forms! Keep an eye out for those W-2’s. The due date to file your taxes is April 15, 2020.


Tips on filing your taxes:

  1. Get Organized

The very first thing you should do to prepare for tax season is organize everything you’ll need. Trust us when we say the process of filing your taxes is so much smoother when you organize everything. Find all your required tax documents, such as W2s, 1099s, and bank and mortgage statements, and then sort them so they’re easy to reference later on.

  1. Do Your Homework

After you get all of your tax information organized, you should take some time to review your documents and start thinking about everything you need to do and know prior to Tax Day. You may want to review how changes in the tax code will affect your tax return this year.

  1. Get professional help

At times doing things yourself seems simpler – when it comes down to Taxes let the experts do the work for you. We have a very qualified tax

  1. Take Notes and Get Better

Another thing you should definitely do this year is to keep a journal as you prepare for Tax Day. Write down anything noteworthy that’ll be helpful to read through next year when you’ve all but forgotten filing your 2018 tax return.

  1. Due dates matter

 If you don’t file and pay by your due dates, you can get socked with penalties and interest, which can add up quickly. Your employer and financial institutions have their own set of due dates to get info to you. The IRS also has due dates: there are limits on how much time can pass before the IRS may no longer assess and collect on federal income taxes, sometimes called the statute of limitations. Here’s the kicker: if you don’t file your return, there is no statute of limitations. That means that the IRS can generally assess and collect at any time. To avoid that result, file your return as soon as possible – even if it’s past the due date.


Call now to set up your tax appointment as they are highly encouraged! 775-853-3388