Protocols for entering your home during the COVID-19 pandemic:

1.When you come home try not to touch anything.

2. Take off your shoes.

3. After walking your pet, disinfect his paws.

4. Remove your outer clothing and put it in a laundry bag. Then wash in bleach at more than 140 degrees.

5. Leave bag, purse, keys, etc. in a box at your home’s entrance.

6. Clean your phone and glasses with soap and water or alcohol.

7. Before storing anything, you brought outside, clean its surfaces with bleach.

8. Shower if possible or wash all exposed areas well, including hands, wrists, face, neck, etc.

9. Remove your gloves carefully, throw them away and wash your hands.

10. Remember that it is not possible to do a total disinfection. The objective is to reduce risks!