What is RV insurance?

RV insurance is an agreement between you and your insurance company that protects your motor home, travel trailer, camper, fifth wheel, etc. You’ll choose from a variety of coverages meant to protect your vehicle and provide peace of mind on trips and vacations or if you use your RV as a permanent residence. If you’re “driving” a motor home, you’ll also need liability coverage to stay legal on the road. But if you’re “pulling” a travel trailer, your state won’t require you to insure the RV, as you’re already covered for liability on your auto insurance policy.


How does RV insurance work?

When you buy RV insurance, your insurer or agent will ask simple questions about you, your RV, and how often you use it. You’ll then select coverages that will best protect you and your vehicle. Generally, more coverage means a higher price. If you damage your vehicle or you’re responsible for someone else’s damages or injuries, you’ll file a “claim” with your insurer. If your claim is covered, they’ll pay for the losses or injuries up to your coverage limits.


Usually, more coverage means a higher price so that is the reason to always make sure you have the right coverage so you are neither over insured or under insured.


Do I need motor home insurance?

Yes. You must have at least the state minimum for liability, since motor home are driven and not towed. When quoting motor home insurance, all insurers will let you know the minimum requirements in your state. Failure to carry liability insurance could result in a revoked license, fines, or even jail time.


Do I need travel trailer insurance?

Because you’re not actually driving your travel trailer, you aren’t required by law to have insurance on a vehicle that you tow with a car or truck. However, your travel trailer is often a valuable asset, and should be protected the same way you insure your home, car, etc.


How to get RV insurance –

Here at Capital Insurance Service we would be more than glad to quote/insure your RV, travel trailers, motorhomes! Because of the worldwide pandemic that is still occurring most parks/ campgrounds remain closed but you always want to make sure your assets are properly insured! We offer affordable rates for RV products plus, if you bundle through our agency you will receive discounts!